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Hand made dolls
Hand made dolls
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All About Restaurant Dishes At Home
All About Restaurant Dishes At Home
A trip to a restaurant is a special occasion.  It is an opportunity to eat foods that you ordinarily don’t eat.  Or it is an opportunity to try a different type of food.  To be honest, for most people it is a break from having to cook at home.  But no matter the reason, going out to eat is a great thing...   More...

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If it’s not worth making, it’s not handmade. When an object is handmade it has a touch of humanity too it. When in handmade is all about adding that touch of humanity too your life. Being handmade also adds a touch prestige, quality. That cannot be obtained anywhere else. Any factory can make something and manufacture it but they cannot put the care and delicacy that can only be duplicated by a human being. Jewelry for instance is something that cannot be made by machine. For millions of years humans have marveled over jewelry. Yet in recent years it has become less exclusive less precious. The reason; it’s not handmade; it does not have the care of something that is handmade.

Another thing that should be handmade is soap. Soap is something you put up against your body; something that’s more personal than almost any other object. Something like this should not be produced by radiating machines like the one used in the manufacturing process. It should be made with care and precession. Something that can only be mastered by a human being. Although it usually cost a little more money; isn’t it worth it? When something is handmade not only are you helping preserve yourself, but your helping preserve the tradition of making things by hand. Your also helping real people; entreupanuers. How is this great country of ours, the USA, supposed to make a recovery when we’re buying radiated machine made objects from other countries. It’s just not logical.

Next thing we talk about here that should be handmade are cards. Cards are more than just paper, they’re symbolic. They represent all the good times you and the recipient have shared over the years. In some cases even cure illnesses. Why would you put year’s worth of memories into something made by a machine? It should be made with care; every word should count. Cards usually don’t go alone; they usually come with something a gift. Gifts show someone how much you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you. They also anticipate an event such as a birthday or a wedding. The thing about gifts that most people don’t know is that whenever one gets a gift they subconciesely judge the quality of the gift*. You can go two ways with a gift, you could either get them a gift made by ways of carelessness that will probably fall apart tomorrow due to the quality of workmanship or you can by them something that will be looked at for a lifetime.

Along with a gift usually comes a cake. Cakes have always been handmade, as society has preserved this tradition; however the items used to prepare this cake are often made by factories. One of these items is something you use every day. A knife, knives are essential kitchen item, yet they are often made flimsy. Why? So you buy more; it’s perfectly logical. If big companies were to make quality knives then they would have no business, because there would be no demand. By making flimsy easy to break knives they make more money because you come back for more. Handmade knives usually last several hundred years and in the long run are much cheaper than standard store bought knives. This

As you read that last sentence you were probably sitting down or lying down on furniture. Take a second to think back to the day you bought this furniture. Were the sales people nice did it looked like they cared more about their product or their commission. When furniture is handmade people take pride in it, when making and selling their product. Because of this you get friendlier service. In addition to this you get higher quality furniture. Furniture that your friends will admire and your kids will fight over. This type of satisfaction from a product could never be achieved by something made in a factory. The hand carved would the hand stitched leather. It’s like a ride back to a different time right from your own living room.

Something’s that you don’t expect to be handmade are. One of these items is paper. That’s right paper can be handmade. So what exactly is the benefit to handmade paper? Besides it being a good economy stimulant it is also extremely eco-friendly. In most cases when paper is handmade it is made without a single tree. More trees mean more oxygen and more oxygen means a healthier planet for you and your kids and the future of not only the US, but of the world.

Speaking of kids, they play with things.  These things are the basis of their knowledge; they are something to relate to a metaphor.  Something as important as this should be made to inspire curiosity such as how was this made.  The common answer “Some factory” but imagines telling your kid it was made by hand just for him.  Not only does this inspire curiosity but it lets them know how much you care and instills it in them for a life time.

After kids have past this stage they find a new source of inspiration.  Reading, every book should be made by hand with hand stitched leather cover and handmade paper.  This way kids get to know the true value of knowledge.

Another thing that should be handmade is food.  Food should be made from scratch and be cooked with precision, from scratch.  Something is always better when you make it. It adds value. In order to get cooking recipes I suggest you should research for our quality cooking blogs or articles.

Something else that should be handmade is golf clubs; golf clubs are used and should be adapted to your individual needs as a golfer.  The only way to do this, get it handmade here at when in handmade we give you sources to give you your best playing capability.

Sounds like a sales page right? Well it is except what I’m selling to you is priceless, it’s an idea, a cause, and some may even call it a philosophy. The cause is to preserve handmade objects and save entrepreneurs, much like myself. Why not support tradition and people. Right now you have two paths; you could either continue buying factory name brand objects that are cheaply made or you could switch to products made by hand by trusted real people who have done this there whole life. It’s your choice.


* this has been proven by various studies by trusted professionals