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Hand made dolls

13 2012 - Hand made Admin

Discover the world of hand made dolls (collectible dolls).


I think, all of hand made dolls - its a collectible dolls.
But collectible dolls are not for children because very expensive...
They are luxury with the high quality always.

Today I know a lot of manufacturers of "hand made dolls". But I know that the mass production cannot be a collector. Yea they all is funny - but not best quality made and not always interesting (see below some of pics).

Found in the shop section of hand made dolls - very interested.
Look at this. They are really available or cheap. Not all but most of them. If you want to buy really collector dolls - they are expensive.

What is the value you ask?
Do you remember that all of hand made dolls are luxury?
Money - no matter. The value of a doll is what any one person will pay for it.

And look at these Tonner Dolls 2012 collection. Are beautiful but I perefer another one manufacturer of hand made dolls.























 Any more pics of handmade dolls? Please share them in the comments or clubs here!


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Lisa # 20 2012 12:56 0
Wow I like these dolls! And I love Captain Jack!